Family International Music MP3 downloads

I believe all music comes from a spiritual realm. Just as there are good and evil spirits, there is good and evil music. You may ask, "Well, how can you tell the difference?" Does it make you not only feel good, but feel good in the right way? Does it make you want to be good and do good, and love and be loved, and be helpful and constructive? Or does it inspire you to be evil and do evil, and be rebellious and destructive and hate, like some of Wagner's music inspired Hitler to destroy? Does it build or does it destroy? Does it help or does it hinder? Does it lift you up or drag you down? I deem all the MP3 downloads on this page inspiring and uplifting music. If you feel depressed, or have spiritual problems, I highly encourage you to listen to them! They really inspire me!
This set is from the Family International and called "Oasis of Love". Music from the album "Embrace" Music from the LA Band

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